Version Certification 2017 Study Guide

Prepare for the cPanel & WHM 2017 Version Certification exam, available only at this year's cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Register free today by using discount code CERTIFIED.

Prepare for the Exam

Thinking about embarking on the first annual cPanel University Version Certification program? Here's where you should begin. Below you'll find a general summary of the changes and features involved with each of the four cPanel & WHM releases that may be covered on the Version Certification exam, available exclusively at the 2017 cPanel Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Before you get started, we want to equip you with a general summary of the kind of content you can expect to see. The exam questions will cover both the front-end and the back-end impact of the changes and implementations involved in each of the four versions included in the certification. The links below will provide you with some official documentation and change lists; however we always recommend doing some additional digging, through online communities, test environments, or by simply asking questions.

This basic study guide alone won't be enough to help you acquire this certification, but at the least it will give you a head start. It won't be impossible, but it certainly won't be easy. Take your time in preparation, and give it your best shot - we're looking forward to challenging you.

cPanel & WHM 60

Read the following topic list for a summary of the some of the Version 60 highlights that will be covered in exam.

  • AAAA Records
  • You can now add IPv6 address records in the Initial Setup Wizard, WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup, and the Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges interfaces.
  • cPanel Email Invitations
  • You can enable or disable new Subaccount invites from WHM's Tweak Settings >> System interface.
  • If invites are enabled, the cPanel sub-user creation interface will send an email with instructions to the user's Contact Email Address, when the "The user will set the account password" is selected.
  • We updated cPanel's User Manager interface to display an indicator if a Subaccount owns an active or expired invite.
  • "The Feature Spotlight"
  • Highlights cPanel's User Manager interface in cPanel.
  • System administrators can disable this via the cPanel Spotlight setting in WHM's Feature Manager interface.
  • Normally, the spotlight appears only the first time cPanel is used. If the user's Page Settings are reset, the spotlight will reappear.
  • Paper Lantern Management in WHM
  • WHM's Branding interface is now WHM's Customization interface.
  • UI Customization Improvements
  • cPanel interface sprites now use SVG format.
  • Wildcard SSL Handling
  • We added wildcard certificates to the cPanel Store in cPanel's SSL/TLS Wizard interface.
  • System administrators and resellers can manage availability, recommendations, and pricing of wildcard certificates in WHM's Market Provider Manager interface.
  • You should still install the wildcard SSL certificate once for each subdomain you wish to secure.
  • The base domain is secured in the SubjectAltName certificate attribute on wildcard certificates from most certificate authorities.
  • Support Tickets in WHM
  • You can create a cPanel support ticket directly from WHM's Create Support Ticket interface.
  • Includes automation for SSH authorization.
  • Let's Encrypt Provider
  • Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority.
  • The plugin adds the Let's Encrypt provider option to the AutoSSL interface.
  • You install the plugin via command line script.
  • Once installed, you only interact with the plugin through AutoSSL.
  • Let's Encrypt has different limits than Comodo (the default provider). For instance, you can only issue 20 certificates per registered domain each week with Let's Encrypt.
  • Let's Encrypt will set the common name to the domain's alias.
  • Service SNI & Domain TLS Changes
  • You cannot upgrade to cPanel & WHM version 60 if your web server does not support SNI.
  • SNI functionality is available for the cpsrvd daemon (cPanel, WHM, and Webmail logins and UI functionality), the cpdavd daemon (Calendar, Contacts, and Web Disk), Exim, and Dovecot services.
  • The Dovecot and Exim servers always enable Mail SNI. We removed all Mail SNI controls from user interfaces.
  • During the upgrade, servers will automatically copy current and valid certificates from the Apache SSL certificate storage to Domain TLS storage. Domain TLS does not copy expired or invalid certificates from Apache's SSL storage.
  • Apache's SSL certificate storage groups domains into virtual hosts, which the cPanel interface refers to as "websites."
  • You can find the Domain TLS files in /var/cpanel/ssl
  • MySQL 5.1 Deprecation
  • cPanel & WHM version 60 is the last version of cPanel & WHM to support MySQL® 5.1 or below.
  • You can not activate a remote MySQL profile if the server runs MySQL 5.1 or below.
  • X3 for cPanel Removal
  • New installations of cPanel & WHM will no longer include the x3 theme for the cPanel interface.
  • x3 theme-related interfaces and options have been removed from WHM.
  • File Manager Trash Handling
  • We added the Age of content to purge from users' File Manager Trash setting in the System section of WHM's Tweak Settings interface.
  • The .trash folders are in user home directories (/home/$USER/.trash)
  • A value of 0 configures the server to purge all files from every user's .trash folder, regardless of age.
  • Automatic trash removal occurs daily.
  • This can be done manually from the command line with /usr/local/cpanel/bin/empty_user_trash
  • PowerDNS & DNSSEC
  • You now have the option to choose the PowerDNS nameserver software in the Initial Setup Wizard or WHM's Nameserver Selection interface.
  • We now allow users to enable DNSSEC on servers configured with PowerDNS.
  • If you enable DNSSEC on any domains on your server, you will not be able to enable DNS clustering on that server.
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    cPanel & WHM 62

    Read the following topic list for a summary of the some of the Version 62 highlights that will be covered in exam.

    • SSL & AutoSSL
    • Domain Verified certificates are the default certificate type offered by AutoSSL.
    • You can purchase OV and EV certificates through the interface.
    • If you choose to use OV or EV certificates, a new tab appears where you can enter the additional information needed for those certificate types.
    • Only root and root-enabled resellers can access the Manage AutoSSL interface in WHM.
    • AutoSSL polls for pending certificates every 5 minutes the first day, every hour the second day, and once a day after that.
    • The maximum length of the commonName field in an SSL certificate is 64 bytes.
    • Site Publisher Updates
    • Site Publisher now comes with 12 templates.
    • Site Template designers can use entered values in rendered JavaScript since they are JSON-safe values.
    • cPanel's Site Publisher interface now displays newer templates first, as determined by the creation date in the meta.json file.
    • Site Publisher template meta.json files can now include a date parameter to indicate the template's creation date.
    • OpenID Connect for Contact Information
    • cPanel updates empty email address fields from OpenID Connect
    • cPanel Zone Editor Interface Merging
    • We redesigned the Simple and Advanced Zone Editor interfaces into the new Zone Editor interface.
    • Both the Simple and Advanced zone editors will remain available in addition to the new Zone Editor interface.
    • The new Zone Editor interface's behavior depends on if the Advanced Zone Editor is enabled in the feature manager.
    • ModSec now uses SQLite
    • We updated WHM's ModSecurity Tools interface to use SQLite.
    • The new ModSecurity database can be found at /var/cpanel/modsec/modsec.sqlite
    • ModSec SDBM
    • The ModSecurity SDBM utility is installed on EasyApache 4 systems.
    • The ModSecurity SDBM utility purges expired entries from the /var/cpanel/secdatadir/ip.pag cache file to save disk space.
    • The ModSecurity SDBM utility is run nightly as part of upcp's maintenance phase.
    • Leechprotect Database Conversion
    • We updated the leechprotect service to use SQLite.
    • The new database can be found at /var/cpanel/leechprotect/leechprotect.sqlite
    • LTS Policy Adjustments
    • LTS will now go into effect from the date of a version's inception until March 31st of the following year.
    • We will provide LTS for version 62 until March 31st of 2018.
    • EasyApache 3 → EasyApache 4 Migration Logging
    • FileProtect became a tweak setting that defaults to on.
    • It protects public_html directories.
    • FileProtect Toggling
    • SourceGuardian for PHP 7 in EasyApache 4
    • IonCube in EasyApache 4
    • EasyApache 4 Experimental Repository
    • Bluehost Symlink Protection
    • mod_fcgid availability 
    • PHP ini File Handling
    • PHP-FPM in EasyApache 4
    • Globally Enabling SPF/DKIM
    • Defaults Adjustments

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    cPanel & WHM 64

    Read the following topic list for a summary of the some of the Version 64 highlights that will be covered in exam.

    • EasyApache 4
    • Mobile Theme Handling
    • SecurityAdvisor link for KernelCare Purchasing
    • Using Ace Editor for the cPanel Code Editor
    • phpMyAdmin updated to 4.6.5
    • cPanel Dark & Light Themes Included
    • Multi-year SSL Certificate Availability
    • ModSecurity OWASP Rule Updates
    • AutoSSL Domain Sorting
    • Account Suspension Management in the UI
    • PHP Memory-limit Auto-adjustment
    • php-tidy Support
    • WHM DynamicUI System
    • MultiPHP INI Editor Improvements
    • Feature Name Changes
    • API Authentication Changes
    • WHM Plugin Wrapper System
    • AutoSSL Proxy Subdomain Support
    • Tweak for Hostname SSL Handling
    • Legacy Backup Deprecation
    • EasyApache 3 → EasyApache 4 Migration Script
    • RPM-based Wordpress cPAddon
    • TCP Fast Open Support
    • iOS Push Support
    • iContact Support Updates
    • DMARC Support in cPanel UI
    • Eximstats Database Conversion
    • Apache Solr Integration for Dovecot Search Handling
    • Additional Tweak Settings Additions & Changes

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    cPanel & WHM 66

    Read the following topic list for a summary of the some of the Version 66 highlights that will be covered in exam.

    • Remote Incremental Backup Support
    • Application Manager cPanel Interface
    • Ruby & Passenger Support
    • AutoSSL Domain Exclusion
    • AutoSSL Queue Storage Format Changes
    • EasyApache 4 Profile Management Changes
    • Modules from EasyApache 3 re-introduced to EA4
    • Include Handling during EA3 → EA4 Migrations
    • Short PHP Binary Paths
    • PHP ini File Handling Changes
    • Google Drive Support in Backups
    • Interface Updates for Frames Removal in WHM
    • WHM Interface to Globally Enable DKIM/SPF
    • cPHulk Database Conversion
    • MariaDB 5.2 Upgrade Availability
    • phpMyAdmin Updated to 4.7.0
    • Changed cPanel Contact Information Restrictions
    • PHP-FPM Defaults on New Accounts
    • Introduction of Wordpress Manager Plug-in
    • Access Hashes Disabled by Default
    • New Notification Types
    • New UAPI & WHMAPI1 Calls

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