April 2018 Updates

Hello students and alums!

We’re beginning a monthly email newsletter segment starting this month, as part of our goal this year to increase the level of communication and availability to our users. Within these newsletters, you can expect to see news on our upcoming webinars, conferences, course additions and updates, as well as inside information on other training or educational opportunities that may be available.

Upcoming Events

We’re still a long way from cPanel Conference 2018, but planning is already well in progress and fully geared up to make it even better than before. This time, we’re keeping it local, hosting the conference from our home city of Houston, Texas. Keep an eye on the site at conference.cpanel.com for updates and event information to be posted as it becomes available, or even get in your early-bird registration now.

You May Have Missed It

Did you catch fellow trainer and cPanel University developer Mary Wior’s blog article on using the strace tool to troubleshoot problems from the command-line? If you don’t know about strace, and you ever expect to find yourself troubleshooting server-side issues from the command line, then you’re missing out. This little tool has led me and many other support analysts to the root of an issue more times than I can count. Do yourself a favor and read up on it. This article is a great place to start and is aimed at folks who are new to it or maybe even just a little rusty.

Changes on the University

Big changes are happening on the front-end site, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Launch day is coming closer and closer, and we want to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. Keep an eye out for the following account and site changes:

  • Login username will change to your email address – Our goal is to try and mesh the login process between our cPanel systems like the Ticket System and Manage2, with cPanel University. Since the cPanel logins utilize email addresses, this step also needs to be taken on cPanel University, so that accounts can be properly linked together. When this switch occurs, we’ll put an alert notice on the login form to make you aware of it.
  • cPanelID logins – Just like you can when you log into your cPanel & WHM environment, you’ll be able to log into cPanel University using your cPanelID account (the same account you use to log into Manage2, the cPanel store, or the cPanel ticket system). In fact, did you know that you can already do this within the exams.cpanel.net login form by clicking the OpenID Connect link in the login form? Yep:

    The final implementation of this will be a bit more polished and seamless, but the capability exists even as we write this.
  • Scoring and leaderboard overhaul – Our original leaderboards were limited only to our PartnerNOC companies. The PartnerNOC leaderboard will still exist, with even more transparency and detail, but now we’ll also have individual user leaderboards that all users will be able to participate in through their site, course, and certification participation.

We’ve also got some new courses being sneakily added into your available courses, with more coming very soon. Check out the new cPanel Fundamentals course now available to all users. It’s the first course in a series of courses within the cPanel Professional tier that intends to target those users who want to train themselves on the cPanel account-level interface operations, with fundamentals acting as a preparatory course, covering the base topics that we think users should learn prior to even interacting with the interface, in order to make the most of it.

Originally, we made a conscious decision to focus first on WHM and root-level administration education, given the wealth of information that was already available on the internet about the cPanel account-level interfaces. However, we want to cover all of the bases before moving ahead on into the higher-tier course material, so that we give everyone an opportunity to learn from the ground up.

Last Word

Sometimes it hits me how lucky I am to be involved with cPanel, and to have such an amazing community of users and colleagues. I’ve been a fan of cPanel & WHM as a product even before I began working here, experiencing first hand the drastic improvements that it offered over the alternatives that I had to support for some servers, and the development mindset that I could plainly see and relate to. Now, after working here for some time, I can see that I’m not alone in that sentiment, and it shows in the responses and the appreciation that we see from the users. I want to do everything I can to contribute to that experience in a positive and educational way, and that includes listening to what our users have to say.

If you’d like to see courses or material on a specific topic, or have concerns about any of the material that’s already available (we do our best to keep it updated, be we know that there is some rough-around-the-edges material out there), let us know by emailing us at professor@cpanel.net! Even if you just have a question, or need some guidance on one of the topics – we can help.


The cPanel Professors