cPanel University Experience Points

cPU Experience Points, or XP, are allocated in cPanel University based on your involvement and activity on the cPanel University site and course material. The more you achieve, the higher your rank.

How can I gain experience points?


Participation and activity on the cPanel University site is one way of receiving user experience points. This can include things like daily site logins, participation in surveys as they become available, and providing detailed feedback on course material.

Course Completions

Successful completion of a full course in cPanel University provides you with experience points. These points stay with your user throughout the annual reset period, even as course material is updated and changed.


The best way to gain XP is to complete and receive cPanel University certifications. Not only will you still gain the XP for the course completions involved, but you'll gain an additional bonus of XP for the certification itself, not to mention bragging rights.

What can I do with my XP?


Besides tracking your progress and giving you something to show for your commitment, you'll also appear in the user leaderboards as well as within your parent PartnerNOC leaderboard, depending on eligibility and availability.

Events & Awards

cPanel loves to reward its customers and users. While we can't provide the specifics just yet, you can rest assured that we're actively working on ways of giving back to the folks in cPanel University who hit those top spots on the leaderboards. We'll announce additional details as they become available.
Average Exam Score
Fully-Certified Admins

Current Distribution Breakdown

Total XP accumulated: 383,611

  • Total XP: 368,229
  • Total Certifications: 1,910
  • Total Course Completions: 13,472
Today This Week This Month This Year
Gained Gained Gained Gained
XP 53 566 50,733 368,229
Certifications 0 2 110 1,913
Course Completions 0 6 2,140 13,475

Gains in the last 10 days

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