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Welcome to cPanel University (cPU)

cPU was developed to provide those supporting and selling cPanel products and services with an opportunity to become certified with cPanel & WHM. These exams are designed to be progressively more challenging.

By conquering the cPU Certifications, you'll become an accredited and recognized expert of your craft. If you don't succeed the first time in taking the exam, you'll be allowed to hone your cPanel expertise and re-take the exam at a later date.

The cPU Challenge

Warning: These exams aren't for the faint of heart! Here's the challenge: All cPU Certification exams have a passing score of 90 percent or higher.

Both the Sales and Technical Certification Exams have a progressive testing model, which means you must complete each level in order to advance to another level. You cannot, however, advance to another level without passing the one before it.

The cPU Respect

cPanel offers two Technical and two Sales-Based Certification exams online. Afterward, you will be eligible to take the remaining exams, which will be proctored by a member of the cPanel training team. These exams can be taken at our annual conference, onsite at your location, or at cPanel headquarters in Houston, TX.

The cPU Resources

cPU is more than a testing platform; it's your opportunity to become an insider by learning exciting, new functionality within cPanel & WHM first.

We provide you with a wealth of tools and resources to help you get on your way toward becoming cPanel & WHM certified. There are opportunities for online and on-site training, webinars, study guides, boot camps, and even an ongoing conversation thread at the cPanel Forums.

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