cPanel Certified Partner Program

What is the cPanel Certified Partner Program? (cPCP)
The cPanel Certified Partner program shines a light on those Partners who have gone the extra mile to ensure their support staff has been trained to support the cPanel & WHM® software. This gives Partners an opportunity to acquire a form of esteemed accreditation displayed prominently alongside their company's name in our Partner Directory.

What are the benefits of earning cPanel Certified Partner status?
Partners who accept the challenge of earning the cPanel Certified Partner Accreditation gain other benefits too:

  • Ultra Priority Ticket Queue: Support tickets generated by Certified Partners skip to the head of the line because of their Ultra Priority ticket status.
  • Product Discounts: Certified Partners are awarded special discounts on their cPanel licenses.
  • New License Option: Certified Partners may gain access to cPanel Solo licenses.

How can my company participate?
Partners will be considered cPanel Certified Partners after a defined number of their employees successfully complete the cPanel Certified Partner Accreditation.

Exam Course tiers covered in the exam
     cPanel Certified Partner Accreditation (CPCP)   

How many certified employees are needed for a Partner to achieve Certified status?
We have tailored this program for cPanel Partners to prepare all support teams to provide the best support to all cPanel & WHM users. The number of employees that will need to pass certification requirements is directly related to the number of cPanel licenses attributed to the Partner. The following chart can be used to identify your company's requirement:

Certified Employees Required cPanel License Range
1 0 – 49 licenses
2 50 – 2,999 licenses
3 3,000 – 3,999 licenses
4 4,000 – 4,999 licenses
5 5,000 – 5,999 licenses
6 6,000 – 6,999 licenses
7 7,000 – 7,999 licenses
8 8,000 – 8,999 licenses
9 9,000 – 9,999 licenses
10 10,000 – 11,999 licenses
11 12,000 – 13,999 licenses
12 14,000 – 15,999 licenses
+1 Employee required for each additional 2000 licenses.

How long does certification last?
New Certifications will be valid for one calendar year from initial confirmed eligibility. When existing certifications are renewed, the expiration date will be extended one full calendar year. For example, renewing your certificate would push an expiration date of November 15, 2021, to November 15, 2022.

How do we start?
Partners can earn their certifications by having employees sign up for cPanel University utilizing their company's email domains. After an employee has registered and logged into their account, they must enroll in the cPanel Certified Partner Accreditation and pass the exams. Once enough employees have earned their certification; the cPanel Certified Partner status is automatically awarded.

How can I track my employees' participation?
cPanel Partners can request a Partner Branch in cPanel University to allow managers to track their employee participation and progress. To request a cPanel University Partner Branch, create a support ticket with the cPanel University team.

Where can I find more information?

The best source of information about the cPanel Certified Partner program is for Partners to contact their Account Managers. We also have a useful help center to answer your most common questions about student and Partner certification.