SafeAdmin Accreditation

To provide an additional level of reassurance to customers about sysadmin companies that can perform complex and involved tasks on their servers, cPanel has created a certification program to allow companies to become SafeAdmin Certified.

Being by far the most difficult exam on the cPanel University site, this certification goes a long way in ensuring that sysadmin companies have a firm grasp on safe, secure, and effective Linux and cPanel & WHM server administration methods.

Suppose you see the SafeAdmin Certified label or badge next to a Sysadmin Service Provider's name. In that case, you can rest a little easier knowing that if you decide to make use of that company's services, the technicians who will be working on your server are knowledgeable and safety-minded professionals.​

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Is your system administration service company interested in applying for this certification program? If so, in the form below, provide the required information, including an accurate amount of technicians requiring certification. We will review the application details and respond within 2-3 business days.

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